PICC Catheters

Medcomp PICC Line Catheter

A wide range of high quality products, guaranteed by Medcomp, for all venous access needs.
PRO-PICC Line: a new range of power injectable catheters available with or without integrated valve
VASCU-PICC Line: polyurethane PICC catheters with open tip designed to ensure intravenous access for administration of antibiotic therapy, pain therapy, and for parenteral nutrition.
NEONATAL PICC Line: neonatal PICC catheter line available in different measures 1.9F, 2.6F and 3F.

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Pro-PICC® Catheters

  • Catheters are approved for both CECT Injections and Infusion Therapy.
  • Design allows for CT injections for diagnostic imaging at up to 5cc/sec at 300psi.
  • Thermosensitive, polyurethane material is both alcohol and iodine compatible.
  • Available in single, dual, and triple lumen configurations.
  • MRI compatible.
  • Reduced Taper: Our 3F Pro-PICC® CT combines the smallest proximal diameter and shortest taper length without compromising power injection rates.
  • Alcohol & iodine compatible.
  • information on agent compatibility.

Valved Pro-PICC® Catheters

  • CVP Monitoring - All valved PICC's are indicated for Central Venous Pressure Monitoring.
  • Saline Only Flush - Limits the potential complications & costs of heparin use.
  • Clamp Free Extensions - Eliminates maintenance challenges associated with needles injection caps.

All kits includes Micro-Stick micor-introducer set which includes a .018" Nitinol guidewire, a peel-away micro-introducer and a super-sharp echogenic tip 21 Ga needle.  

Vascu-PICCTM Catheters

  • Innovative catheter design reduces post insertion bleeding and provides improved catheter strength.
  • Thermosensitive, polyurethane material is both alcohol and iodine compatible.
  • Full range of catheter sizes from 3F to 6F.
  • Available in single, dual, and triple lumen configurations.
  • MRI compatible.

Neonatal PICC Catheters

  • Medcomp® Neonatal PICC catheters line are made with soft polyurethane Tecothane, a radiopaque and thermosensitive material that provides more comfort for the patient and excellent biocompatibility.
  • Available in single lumen version 1.9 F and 2.6 F double-lumen version to best fit all patients and infusions needs.
  • The 2.6-F version is also available with Dacron cuff to promote tissue growth, ensuring staying inb place of the catheter and reducing infections.


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