Hemodynamic Monitoring

Mini Invasive Monitoring

Pulsioflex - Flexible haemodynamic platform

Pulsioflex is the hemodynamic platform that offers maximum versatility by providing in a single monitor different clinical parameters depending on the clinical needs

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Over than 20 year of experience PiCCO® method has become the 'gold standard' in the volumetric hemodynamic monitoring, an essential approach in the critical patient management in many situations including the various states of shock.



PiCCO® 'know-how was used to develop the ProAQT method, which allows a minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring with a simple radial artery sensor in order to have an optimized management of the patient also in the perioperative.



Oxygen consumption and the rate of oxygen extractioncan can be assessed continuously as  to get a complete picture of the critical patient. These parameters can be determined thanks to a technology compatible with all CVC on the market.


Pulsioflex® platform integrates LiMON® technology for non-invasive monitoring of liver function, very useful in many application areas including liver resection and liver transplantation as well as in the evaluation of splenic perfusion.


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