Subcutaneous Engineered Stabilization Device SecurAcath«

SecurAcath®, universal Subcutaneous Engineered Stabilization Device (ESD) for Catheter Securement

SecurAcath® device represents the New Standard of Care for life of the line. The system is universal and is compatible with any type of catheter (PICC line, CVC) and drainage from 3F to 8F.

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SecurAcath® is the only Subcutaneous Engineered Stabilization Device (ESD) that meets the 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice*. 
(*Journal of Infusion Nursing, Vol. 39, No. 1S, Jan/Feb 2016)

  • SecurAcath® device prevents therapy interruption
  • SecurAcath® device may improve vessel health and preservation
  • SecurAcath® device lowers total cost of patient care

SecurAcath® device benefits: improved efficiency

  • One SecurAcath® device secures for the life of the line
  • Catheter remains secure during dressing changes
  • Saves time during routine dressing change - Dressing change can be done 3–5 minutes faster
  • Allows easy catheter repositioning if catheter tip must be pulled back

SecurAcath® device benefits: 360 Degree Site Cleaning While Secured

  • Excellent cleaning access around the entire insertion site
  • Catheter remains stable and secure during cleaning
  • Improved stability and cleaning may help reduce infections

SecurAcath® device benefits: dramatically Reduced Catheter Dislodgement

  • The  use of SecurAcath® Catheter Stabilization Device showed a drastic reduction of catheter dislodgement rates with respect to adhesive systems
  • Many accidental dislodgements occur during dressing changes when catheter is not secured
  • Decreased catheter replacement costs

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