Who we are

Medical device distributor in Italy since 1973

Founded in 1973, specializing in the areas of cardiac surgery, cardiology, anesthesia and intensive care and general surgery, SEDA, medical device distibutor in Italy, has always placed alongside and in addition to shopping, the best protection of the health of patients through the introduction of new, more effective techniques, validated with the scientific support provided by the medical profession in order to fully demonstrate the clinical benefits and employment opportunities in our country.


Seda, as one of the most trusted medical supplies distributors in Italy, has always put at the center the health of patients: the introduction of innovative techniques and constant scientific support for the better use of high-quality devices, are the foundation of our service.


Our history

Throughout our history we have always worked to meet the needs of our customers. We firmly believe that the quality of a service or product is not used in the effort to guarantee it but what the customer one gets. Therefore, for us, to maintain high quality standards equivalent to best protect the work of health professionals and hence the health of patients.

certificazioni DNV IT ISO 9001 ISO 13485

Seda, reliability is our goal

e only supply devices in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and validated by our internal regulatory department.

Our certifications