IC- Flow

Fluorescence angiography System for ICG-Fluorescence angiography

Medical camera for Fluorescence lymph-angiography to quantify surface tissue perfusion and for display of local course of the Lymphatic System

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  • IC-FlowTM system consists of a Medical camera for fluorescence lymph-angiography that by using a LED light source in the near infrared (NIR) and a high sensitivity CCD sensor, enables the quantification of the surface tissue perfusion and the display of local course of lymphatic system.
  • The system is based on the production and observation of fluorescence of a fluorescent dye: Diagnostic Green VERDYE dye (indocyanine green).

Indocyanine Green (ICG):
The ICG is commonly used as a tracer substance in diagnostics:
  • Cardiac diagnostics, circulatory and microcirculatory
  • Diagnositics of liver function
  • Diagnostics in ophthalmic angiography
Indocyanine green (ICG) is a dye, fluorescent to light NIR, stable in the blood, which is not metabolized and which binds to macro-plasma molecules (albumin, lipoprotein α1).
It is eliminated very quickly by the liver (95% is eliminated from the bloodstream in 15 minutes) via the bile.
Operating principle:
ICG can be injected in any blood vessel.
ICG is bound to plasma macro-molecules remaining intravascularly.
The NIR light source Unity Chamber of  IC-FlowTMexcites the ICG through the tissues. Consequently ICG becomes fluorescent and starts to emit.
The fluorescence emitted by the ICG is filtered and detected by the CCD sensor of  IC-FlowTM camera.
Its quick elimination from the bloodstream makes several measurements possible.
Fields of application:
Visceral Surgery:
 - Perfusion of the anastomosis
 - Degree of resection in the intestinal ischemia

Peripheral perfusion:
- Diabetic foot syndrome
- Amputation level
- Arteriosclerosis, legs smoker
- Decubitus

Plastic surgery:
- Reconstructions
- Tissue flaps
- Tissues transfers
- Microvascular repairs

Lymphatic Surgery / Lymphedema:
- Real Time Visualization of Local Lymphatic Drainage
- Evaluation of the sites of possible lymphatic-venous bypasses in lymphatic microsurgery

- Detection of sentinel lyph node

Diagnostic Green

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