New Monitor Defibrillator D700

Electrical therapy and advanced monitoring in a single compact device

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Electrical therapy and advanced monitoring in a single, compact device.
Easy and intuitive, the new D700 has all the features for an effective resuscitation and a complete and accurate patient monitoring.
The user interface and software have been completely renewed, to make the device immediate and easy to use in an emergency context.


Equipped with all electrical therapy modes and configurable for monitoring of the following parameters: ECG (3, 7 and 12 lead with interpretive algorithm), SpO2, Respiration rate, Non-invasive Pressure, Invasive Pressure, Temperature, Capnography. The event and parameter storage functionality ensures adequate documentation of patient events.


The high resolution of the 8.4-inch monitor allows simultaneous viewing of 4 traces, all numerical parameters and also the simultaneous viewing of all 12 ECG leads on the screen.

The self-test function performs a complete diagnosis of the device at a set frequency, with clear showing of the result on the front panel. The integrated printer allows complete documentation of the event, with up to 3 waveforms.

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