Fitlegs® graduated compression socks for men, women and sports offer comfortable and effective graduated compression to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and the problem of swollen ankles. The stockings work by gradually compressing the leg from the ankle upwards to improve blood flow back to the heart. They are made using the highest quality and antibacterial materials for maximum comfort and to avoid bad odors.
They are available in the Everyday, Life, Recovery Bamboo, Sport and Premium Sport ranges, they can be worn at work, for travel and during sport..


1. Fitlegs® Everyday

Compression range14-17 mmHg: available black or navy colour, 3 different sizes.


2. Fitlegs® Life

Compression range 14-17 mmHg: available in different patterns, 3 different sizes.


3.Fitlegs® Recovery Bamboo

Compression range 14-17 mmHg: realized in a special bamboo material, available in black, 3 different sizes. 


4. Fitlegs® Sports

Compression range 18-24 mmHg: they are recommended to increase resistance and reduce muscle fatigue. They are available in 3 colors and 3 different sizes.


4. Fitlegs® Premium Sports

Compression range18-24 mmHg: made of special material, they are recommended to increase resistance and reduce muscle fatigue. They are available in white or black version and in 3 different sizes.

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