Non Invasive Monitoring - Task Force

New Task Force® cardio

Advanced system for the detection and analysis of hemodynamic and electrophysiological parameters integrated in a single device.

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The system is able to simultaneously detect and analyze the following parameters:
CNAP® - Continuous non-invasive blood pressure: thanks to the double finger sensor the measurement is precise and reliable. The systolic, diastolic and average pressure arterial waveform,are detected in real time
Hemodynamic parameters - Continuous and non-invasive cardiac output with detection by the same finger sensor. It allows the monitoring of Cardiac Output, Stroke Volume and Peripheral Resistances in real time
NIBP - Brachial blood pressure with standard cuff: increases the accuracy level of the device
ECG - 12 high resolution leads with exclusive Bluetooth module that transmits the traces to the main unit without the interposition of cables.

Detected parameters

Beat-to-beat CNAP pressure

  • Systolic, diastolic, mean
  • Pulse pressure
  • PP
  • Waveform

Hemodynamic parameters

  • Cardiac output, Stroke volume
  • Peripheral resistors

NIBP pressure

12-lead ECG


Exclusive features

  • Quick and easy patient preparation, thanks to the ergonomic accessories
  • Display of traces and parameters in real time on a high resolution 24 '' monitor with Touchscreen technology to manage the entire exam with simple touches of the display.
  • Ability to set customized examination protocols with automatic insertion of markers that identify the different phases.
  • Input of comments and maneuvers on the patient
  • Possibility, during the review phase of the examination, to identify portions of the path of interest, which can be inserted in the report and on which to calculate statistical data of interest.
  • Advanced connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • System equipped with dedicated trolley, with adjustable height and housing for the various accessories.
  • Natively certified according to the new MDR 745/2017

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