VelNez« Absorbable Nasal Swab

It's a ready to use  fragmetable sponge-based dressing to be used post nasal and sinus surgeries

The Optimal Healing Solution

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VelNez® is a fragmentable composite that fragments within a few days on application intended as a nasal dressing. The pain associated with the tradition nasal pack removal is completely eliminated with VelNez since such a procedure is not necessary as VelNez® fragments uniformly. It also reduces fibrosis and at the same time promotes healing and clotting.

  • Ready to use sponge-based dressing to be used post nasal and sinus surgeries
  • Fragmentable, and biocompatible device
  • Provides compression at the tissue site and resorbs naturally
  • No need for post-operative removal and hence atraumatic
  • Breaks down into CO2, H2O, Lactate, Glycolate, Glucosamine and Amino acid
  • Prevents adhesion by separating the compromised mucosal surfaces
  • Adjunct to aid in the natural healing process
  • Minimizes edema and slight bleeding
  • Reduces fibrosis
  • Soft and flexible and can be easily cut and fold
  • Highly porous
  • Ergonomic design for patient comfort

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