Albatros Wireless Tip Location with Linear Convex Cardio Ultrasound Probe

Complete wireless system for catheter positioning with ECG Tip location, Cardio Linear Convex Ultrasound Probe

Complete wireless system for positioning catheters that represents the state of the art in terms of small size and technological innovation

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The system includes a wireless ECG module and a multifunction wireless ultrasound probe for the detection of surface ECG and intracavitary ECG, in order to perform a TIP location with ECG technique, which allows:
  • The catheter insertion procedure using a linear probe.
  • Catheter navigation with ultrasound technique using the linear/convex probe.
  • The tip location with ECG technique with simultaneous visualization of the double trace (intracavitary + surface)
  • The tip location with ultrasound technique using the cardio function integrated in the probe.
  • Bubble test with Convex-Cardio mode

Advantages of the system

  • Integrated system for TIP LOCATION with ECG technique, ULTRASOUND GUIDE for catheter insertion, NAVIGATION even deep with CONVEX probe, TIP LOCATION with ultrasound technique – BUBBLE TEST.
  • Cordless, for maximum cleaning and sterility of application.
  • Complete with wireless remote control to activate the remote functions on a sterile field.
  • Portability and ease of use for any medical and paramedical operator.
  • Ultrasound probe with integrated double battery for 8 hours of scanning - 48 hours of stand-by.
  • Possibility of connection and printing to all Wireless printers, a Wireless adhesive label printer is available on request.

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