Trisodium Citrate catheter lock solution

DuraLock-C™: Trisodium citrate - Duralock catheter lock solution reduces infections and thrombosis catheter related, during dialysis and hospitalization. Pre-filled syringes, packaged in fully sterile sets and available in 3 different concentration: 46.7%, 30% e 4%.

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DuraLock-C™ - Trisodium citrate solution in water, is the most effective catheter lock solution for CVCs to prevent:

  • Clotting / Biofilm
  • Infections

Wide range of product

In order to fulfill customer needs, DuraLock-C™ is available in 3 different concentration:

  • Duralock-C 46.7%
  • Duralock-C 30%
  • Duralock-C 4%


  • Strong antithrombotic
  • No systemic and non-toxic effects
  • Prevents biofilm formation
  • Broad-spectrum anti-bacterial effect
  • No development of drug-resistant bacteria
  • Less catheter infections
  • Less coagulation in the catheters
  • Less use of Urokinase and antibiotics
  • Less waiting time (start of treatment)
  • Less flow issues
  • Less hospitalization
  • Less interruption of dialysis treatments

Effective Packaging

  • PRE-FILLED SYRINGES: each set include a pair of 3 ml syringe -arterial and venous; each syringe contains 2.5 ml of product.
  • Both syringes are luer-type and are packaged in a fully sterile Tyvek® bag.
  • The completely sterile pair of syringes reduces the risk of nosocomial infections compared to the classic vial packaging.


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