Magellano Intracavitary ECG

Wireless system MAGELLANO for ECG tip location

Integrated system for the detection of the intracavitary and surface ECG tracing for the TIP LOCATION of the catheter.

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Magellano ECG Intracavitary is the system for detecting the intracavitary and surface ECG tracing, with Bluetooth transmission for navigating the correct positioning of the central venous catheter, through the visualization for the identification of the optimal P wave and the QRS complex.

The ECG signal is detected by an Android system, smartphone or tablet, in real time and with extreme signal quality. The display can also be managed in terms of scrolling speed, amplitude and contrast of the signal to guarantee maximum visuality in any operating condition. Magellano consists of an ECG signal capture and transmission device, to which the 4-terminal patient cable is connected. Magellano can be placed in a sterile area and protected by a sterile bag. The app loaded on the smartphone or tablet records the ECG signal and shows it in real time on the screen. The app also has the function of storing the ECG signal, patient data and printing the recording or sending it in PDF format to an external server or an e-mail address. all recordings remain in the memory of the smartphone or tablet with a dedicated database for each individual patient. The device is powered by 2 AA batteries, both disposable and rechargeable, which can be replaced at any time even during recording.

The following figures show the quality of the ECG signal from the patient, which highlight the effective simultaneous display even in the presence of arrhythmias, including the F Waves of Atrial Fibrillation:

Safely place the CVC venous catheters with the intracavitary ECG technique

The intracavitary ECG technique, invented more than 50 years ago in Germany and recently rediscovered, allows you to avoid approximate calculations at the patient's bed and above all radiographic control. The technique is also more reliable and cost-effective than radiological control. The intracavitary ECG technique is based on the morphological and amplitude changes that the P wave undergoes when the tip of the CVC approaches the right atrium of the heart. The catheter (filled with saline) acts as an exploring electrode. Like a sort of diviner's rod that varies the frequency of vibrations as it approaches the water, the dynamically recorded P wave increases progressively as it approaches the right atrium, becoming biphasic within the atrium and completely negative once time he passed it. Verification during the maneuver (rather than after the maneuver, as is traditionally done with chest X-rays) avoids the costs and risks associated with having to reposition the PICC (when the tip has not been properly seated)

Above, on the left, the image shows the possibility of simultaneous visualization of surface and intracavity ECG, the image on the right is an example of a color report with double trace.


Advantages of the system

  • Integrated system for TIP LOCATION with ECG technique.
  • Cordless, for maximum cleaning and sterility of application.
  • Complete with wireless remote control.
  • Portability and ease of use for any medical and paramedical operator.
  • Real-time diagnostic advice.
  • Possibility of connection and printing to all wireless printers, a printer for adhesive labels is available on request

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