Long Term Catheters

Long Term Hemodialysis Catheters 

Full range of catheters for long term hemodialysis access to meet every access need

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Tesio® catheter 

  • The only original Tesio catheter.
  • Made of Spy-Silicone, for extreme durability!
  • Many years of experience, a great number of clinical studies and in-depth study of materials compounds has produced this own material, the Spy-silicone, which ensures very high biocompatibility and high degree of acceptability for the patient.
  • The cuff is made of Silicone and has a linear profile and no Dacron to facilitate the eventual removal without surgical intervention and allowing the retrograde positionning. The cuff design provides a controlled tissue 
  • growth.
  • Produced with the exclusive Bio-Flex™ polyurethane, soft and durable, it is compatible with alcoholic and iodine solutions.
  • Also available with pre-inserted stylet for a less traumatic insertion (it avoids the use of peel-away introducer).
  • The dacron cuff is characterized by an exclusive Foootball design for an anchoring ensiring greater stability and lower bacterial infections incidence.
  • Available in many different models characterized by different cuffs positon to ensure maximum adaptability to patient body and to allow left side insertions.
  • The two independent floating lumens reduce the possibility of occlusion and allow a blood flow of 350-400 ml / min.
  • The possibility to first insert the cannula into the vessels and then tunnelling them allows a better and easier positioning into the lumen (retrograde tunneling technique).
  • The replaceable extensions avoid the replacement of the lines in case only one or the both connectios/ damaged.
  • High flows with low venous pressures.

Split Stream®

  • Split Stream® catheter combines the ease of insertion of a single line with all the advantages of the Tesio® double cannula.
  • The split tip design is chatacterized by two independent lumens positionned in same vessel; the proximal portion of the catheter consist in a single lumen. This aspect is especially appreciated by those who do not like the double tunnelings fequired for Tesio® positionning.
  • Possibility to insert the catheter with standard or retrograde technique.
  • The split tip design improve patency, flow and lowers recirculation (less than 1%).
  • Also available with preinserted stylet for a less traumatic insertion (it avoids the use of  peel-away introducer).
  • replaceable extensions that, in the event of damage, can be substituted avoiding the replacement of the line. 
  • High flows with low venous pressure.


  • The only catheter on the market with green extensions: the arterial and venous lines can be reversed to obtain greater flow
  • The only catheter FDA Cleared To “Reverse Lines As Needed”
  • Symmetrical tip, no side holes:
    - Recirculation lower than 1%: the flows remain well separated thanks to catheter tip shape
    - Possibility of inversion of the lines without loss of efficiency.
    - Side holes are known to create mechanically locking thrombus and to lead to loss of lock solution

  • Special Easy On Easy Off Tunneler™, atraumatic and secure
  • Designed to preserve life of the line.

Split Cath® III

  • Splittable lumens: two free floating lumens improve patency, flow and lowers recirculatin.
  • The Carbothane material, soft and biocompatible, offers excellent tensile strength with respect to standard silicone catheters and the material is compatible with alcohol and iodine-based disinfectants.
  • The dacron cuff low profile allows a safe anchorage.
  • Also available without side holes to improve the retention of locking solutions.
  • Also available in the new OTW version for retrograde insertion allowing an easier procedure for the operator. 

HemoCath® LT

  • Made with soft silicone for high comfort and an optimal biocompatibility.
  • This is a flexible but high kinking resistant silicone; it conforms very well to vessel emproving patient comfort especially for long term stays.
  • Ideal for extracorporeal therapies: hemodialysis, hemofiltration, apheresis and plasmapheresis.
  • The 12.5 FR catheter diameter allows the access in smaller veins.
  • The round catheter lumen allows easier insertion and less discomfort for the patient than oval  lumen design.


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