Family of long-term tracheostomy tubes, with low pressure cuff

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  • Long-term tracheostomy tubes with low pressure cuff, for ventilated patients, with internal countercannulas.
  • Made with soft and transparent thermo-sensitive PVC, they are flexible, lightweight and with a discreet design; the neck flange adapts perfectly to the neck anatomy
  • Innovative Easy-Lock fixing mechanism for internal cannulae, allows to fix the counter cannula to its accessories in a safe way without twisting or fragile hooks
  • Duracuff® Clip allows for fixation of the counter cannula in ventilated patients
  • Patented Aspilo® fenestration with horizontal and graduated pattern ("tile") to prevent secretions from entering the cannula and the formation of granulation tissue
  • When present, the suction line for the removal of secretions is integrated into the tube to avoid any further discomfort to the trachea and the area around the tracheostoma
  • Wide range of internal counter cannulas



Available variants:

  • With one or two internal counter cannulas or without internal cannula
  • Not fenestrated or with pattern “tile” fenestration
  • 11 different types of tubes with different combinations of internal counter cannulas, each available in 3 different lengths
  • All tubes available in 6 sizes: from 07 to 12
  • With or without speaking valve, in soft and light silicone
  • Internal counter cannulae with 15 mm fixed connector, 15 mm rotating connector, 22 mm adapter or with speaking valve


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