Armed tracheostomy tube family with adjustable flange

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  • Armed tracheostomy tubes in thermosensitive and soft PVC, with adjustable flange, particularly suitable for the obese patient.
  • Reinforced with metal spiral integrated in the cannula to improve the stability of the tube and to increase the X-ray contrast.
  • The soft and flexible flange can be adjusted using a reliable screw mechanism that allows it to better adapt to the anatomy of the trachea and avoids accidental dislocations.
  • The reinforced tube has a centimeter scale on the back side with 5 mm steps so as to allow precise and reproducible adjustments of the flange.
  • External cannula with 15mm fixed connector for connection to fan and heat and humidity exchanger (HME).
  • Available with or without cuff.
  • The soft and flexible metal spiral is integrated into the wall of the tracheostomy tube and leaves the surface of the cannula absolutely smooth to avoid irritation of the delicate mucosa around the tracheostoma.
  • The cuff is placed very close to the tip of the tube to prevent the latter from touching the tracheal wall.


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