Multifunction nasogastric catheter

Gastric drainage- Nutrition
Abdominal pressure measurement (gastric pressure)
Pleural pressure measurement (esophageal pressure)

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NutriVent ™ is an exclusive esophageal catheter that combines the ease of use of a gastric tube for nutrition and drainage to the ability to accurately monitor esophageal pressure and gastric pressure.
Esophageal pressure today is a key parameter for patient ventilation because it accurately estimates pleural pressure and allows for the determination of transpulmonary pressure.

The system, available with single esophageal balloon as well as gastric and esophageal balloon, allows the optimization of  patients with controlled, assisted or spontaneous mechanical ventilation even in the presence of non-invasive ventilation supports.
Knowledge of esophageal and gastric pressures allows accurate determination of respiratory and pulmonary stress.
The NutriVent ™ nasogastric catheter is indicated whenever gastric drainage and enteral nutrition have to be combined with abdominal pressure measurements (peritonitis, obesity, polysulphurisation, polytraumatized patient) or pleural pressure measurements(patients with invasive or noninvasive mechanical ventilation).
The multiplicity of indications and their clinical relevance suggest NutriVent ™ as an essential device for optimizing ventilation of all critical patients.

The Nutrivent ™ device can be connected to:
  • Optivent™dedicated system for detecting transpulmonary, abdominal and trans diaphragmatic pressurepressure
  • Ventilators with auxiliary pressure sensor
  • Any monitor using pressure transducers

General features:

  • Clear graduated polyurethane feeding catheter
  • Radiopac stripe along the whole catheter lenght, with 2 markers at the gastric and esophageal balloon to ensure proper positioning
  • 1 or 2 balloons specifically designed for the detection of gastric and esophageal pressure
  • Universal Y-connector allowing administration of fluids, if necessary 
  • Biocompatibility of materials allows a prolonged use of the catheter, as indicated in the Useg Guide.

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